I just grabbed the MPT Deep House Synth from @dannyjlewis #deephouse #reaktor
Brother Board is a Production/DJ group hailing from the Bay Area California. Although poetry, softcore porno and arts &amp; crafts are their main interests they also like to dabble in electronic music. After being in action for a short time they have performed at a number of shows along side chart topping artists such as Peacetreaty, Adrian Lux, 3LAU, CandyLand, The M Machine, Dzeko &amp; Torres, and Will Sparks in addition to a number of EDM legends including Pete Tong and DJ Pierre. Expect to hear more from these beasts from the Middle East in 2013...Well not really the Middle East, but hey fuck it, it sounds cool... <div class="ps-scrollbar-x" style="left: 0px; bottom: 3px; width: 105px;"></div><div class="ps-scrollbar-y" style="top: 0px; right: 3px; height: 143px;"></div>
LocationBAY AREA, US
ManagementWilliam Morris